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Нуш и Поль Элюар

  Paul Éluard 

Dora Maar, Les annees vous guettent 
(Nush Eluard), 1932.
Nuch. foto by Man Ray.1931
Nuch. foto by Man Ray. 1931
                                                         Paul Éluard and Nusch.
                                                           foto by Man Ray.

Нет невозможно
Знать меня лучше чем ты

В твои глаза мы падаем как в сон
С тобой вдвоем
 Они меня огнями одарили
 На зависть всем ночам

В твои глаза пускаюсь я как в путь
Они дают движениям дорог
Свободу от земного притяженья

В твоих глазах меняют облик свой
Все те кто открывает перед нами
Безмерность одиночества

 Нет невозможно
 Знать тебя лучше чем я.
                          Поль Элюар 

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Asta Nielsen was a Danish silent film actress who was one of the most popular leading ladies of the 1910s and one of the first international movie stars. Seventy of Nielsen's 74 films were made in Germany where she was known simply as Die Asta (The Asta). Noted for her large dark eyes, mask-like face and boyish figure, Nielsen most often portrayed strong-willed passionate women trapped by tragic consequences. Due to the erotic nature of her performances, Nielsen's films were heavily censored in the United States and her work remained relatively obscure to American audiences. She is credited with transforming movie acting from overt theatricality to a more subtle naturalistic style. Nielsen founded her own film studio in Berlin during the 1920s, but returned to Denmark in 1937 after the rise of Nazism in Germany. A private figure in her later years, Nielsen became a collage artist and an author.