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'Gluck' (Hannah Gluckstein) (1895-1978) Painter

Hannah Gluckstein
Peter (A Young English Girl)
1923-1924 by Romaine Brooks (1874 - 1970)

British artist Hannah Gluckstein defied the conventional roles expected of young women of her class and time. She left her family to become an artist, insisted on being known only as "Gluck," dressed in male attire, and lived openly with women throughout her life. Gluck painted landscapes, floral pieces and portraits of her friends, family, and lovers.

Self portrait
by 'Gluck' (Hannah Gluckstein)
oil on canvas, 1942

Hannah Gluckstein

Hannah Gluckstein was born to a wealthy Jewish family on August 13, 1895. Her father, Joseph Gluckstein, owned the J. Lyons & Co. Coffee House and catering empire in London and her mother, Francesca Halle, was an American opera singer. The parents were not supportive of their daughter's artistic pursuits, but Hannah received her only systematic art training at their expense at St. John Wood School of Art in London from 1913 to 1916.

"Medallion" by Gluck, cover of the novel The Well of Loneliness, depicts Gluck (right) with Nesta Obermer.

The dynamic young woman then traveled to Lamorna, Cornwall where she worked with other artists of the "Newlyn School," a group of landscape painters who formed an artists' colony at Newlyn, Cornwall. On her twenty-first birthday, Gluck's father gave her a trust fund that allowed her to pursue an independent life. By that time, Hannah had cropped her hair, shortened her name to "Gluck," and dressed exclusively in male attire.....