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Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s reports and letters – translated and assembled in "La Quête du reel"

Louis Vuitton’s latest literary collaboration with La Quinzaine Litteraire is series of largely unpublished texts by Annemarie Schwarzenbach. As part of the “Voyager Avec” series (which has featured prominent writers including D.H. Lawrence, Joseph Conrad and Virginia Woolf), Schwarzenbach was especially chosen for her rebellious nature and the mystifying aura she had about her. Born in 1908, she was also an iconic figure of the “Lost Generation” during the Interwar Period.

Born to a wealthy businessman and the daughter of a Swiss general, Schwarzenbach had a conservative upbringing and once said that she was marked by “the curse of running away”. This oppression was exacerbated during the Second World War, when she was urged by her parents to distance herself from anti-Fascist sentimentalities.

Schwarzenbach's writings often testified to her own emotional development. During her short life (she died at the age of 34 in 1942), she undertook two different kinds of journey. While her writings on the Continent bear witness to an exacting and outraged conscience during the advent of WWII, her travels in the Orient allowed her to pursue an introspective journey whereby she was able to reconcile with the “joyful serenity of the earth”.

Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s reports and letters – translated and assembled as the 324-page La Quête du reel – will be available in selected stores on May 5!

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