среда, 24 ноября 2010 г.

Прекрасная Сильви Тестю!

Кто не смотрел, обязательно посмотрите фильмы  с ней!=)чудесная актриса, безумно красивая и талантливая!=)


La France(Франция)


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  1. You are really very a fan of Sylvie Testu! I like very much your photos! It is you? Very beautiful text of Annemarie Schwarzenbach... The text Teheran is of whom? I read author: Raphaeleva. It is of you?

  2. Yes, I love Sylvie Testud, almost all movies watched it), a brilliant films and actress!) thank you!) yes this is my photo, it's self-portraits with the exception of the penultimate) No, everything in this post is not mine and not me)the first - is Demavend article about the mountain in Iran, about her mentions Annemarie Schwarzenbach, in his book "Death in Persia" .An excerpt from this book below and begins with a chapter"In Teheran")

  3. All right, I understand everything now. Thanks to you for your messages. Friendship

  4. Анонимный5 мая 2013 г., 01:36

    :) съездила на Демаванд?